100,000 Australian buyers review interstate property

100,000 Australian buyers review interstate property

The number of Australians looking to buy property outside their home state rose by almost 5% in September.

The virtual tour platform Little Hinges has published its Sight unseen report in September, where the most recent data shows interstate inspections rose to account for almost a third (30%) of all property inspections in Australia last month.

He pointed out that most interstate inspections still focus on Queensland, with the Sunshine Coast just beating the Gold Coast at 41% and 40.5%, respectively.

International data showed that most people looking to move to the beach from outside Australia are interested in the Gold Coast, where 8.1% of buyers conduct their virtual inspections from outside Australia.

In Brisbane, the number of virtual inspections is falling, which the report says is likely due to property values ​​remaining high.

It’s a different story south of the border, where the number of interstate inspections in Sydney has increased by almost 2-15%.

According to Little Hinges Co-Founder and Managing Director, Josh Callaghan, “We continue to see growth in both the number of people inspecting properties virtually and the percentage of people inspecting properties outside of their state or country of residence. ‘origin.”

Additionally, what Mr Callaghan is now finding is that “buyers want to be able to inspect the property in a way that suits them, and we are seeing a big increase in agents wanting to combine virtual and physical inspections” .

He thinks the ability to check around the clock from anywhere in the world is crucial for those buying a property out of sight or in another state or country, but he anticipates it will also be useful for busy residents who cannot do the Control on Saturday morning.

According to the CEO: “As we continue to see property prices fall and buyers become more cautious with their offers, agents who leverage digital tools are able to open up their properties to a buyer base. wider.

“Agents who can demonstrate to sellers that they are doing this are the ones who will end up winning more listings.”

100,000 Australian buyers review interstate property

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Last update: October 10, 2022

Posted: October 11, 2022

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