7 time wasters that could be costing you your real estate business

Real estate is a lucrative and competitive business, perfect for hard-working people who are willing to go the extra mile. However, running a successful agency can be difficult, especially if you lack clear action plans, have poor strategy, or continually manage your time. The real estate industry moves quickly and takes time, which means that to be successful, you will need to spend your days efficiently.

Forget 9-5, real estate is a 24-hour gig. Scheduling is a balancing act between in-person visits and office management. When you’re not in town showcasing one-of-a-kind properties, you’ll be spending much of your time marketing, advertising, and generating leads. Ultimately, real estate is a hectic, time-consuming profession that requires attention to detail and dedication to your craft.

With an endless supply of responsibilities, agents, especially fresh-faced salespeople, can become overwhelmed and burned out without proper time management techniques in place. The phrase “time is running out” has never rang truer than in the real estate industry, as deadlines are rigid and tricky. However, successful agents master the complexities of planning, which allows them to stay on track and prioritize customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to jump into a lucrative profession with endless perks, consider these time management strategies to get your career started.

Time management strategies for real estate agents

Despite popular beliefs, working 80 hours a week can set you back and dramatically reduce your productivity. In fact, burnt-out employees are more likely to make unnecessary mistakes, creating extra work for them in the long run. Instead of burning yourself out with unnecessarily long hours, work smarter, not harder, by implementing practical time management strategies specifically for real estate agents.

Set up an easy-to-read schedule to organize your workday in advance, allowing you to identify scheduling conflicts in advance. Delegate tasks to trusted assistants who can handle the smallest details behind the scenes, streamlining processes and saving you time. Or, if all else fails, consider investing in a virtual office to make task management easier.

If you’re still struggling to manage your time as a real estate professional, consider the following time wasters and eliminate them from your daily routine.


If you frequently lose track of emails, misplace client documentation, and have trouble remembering appointment times, it might be time to upgrade your organization. Every day before you go home, organize documentation, sort emails, and jot down notes in a diary to keep track of essential information. Use CRM platforms to quickly and efficiently manage leads and documentation, allowing you to spend more time on customer satisfaction.

Unhealthy Social Media Obsessions

Even though social media is a powerful tool for discovering new leads, it’s easy to get carried away and focus on irrelevant comments or scroll from post to post during work hours. Set time limits for using social media and make sure you focus your efforts on responding to feedback from serious buyers instead of sifting through comment after comment, wondering how the day is going.

An inability to set boundaries

One benefit of being a real estate agent is being your own boss and choosing your schedule. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. If the line between work and home is blurred, you could find yourself overworked and exhausted. On the other hand, choosing your schedules increases the risk of poor time management. Be sure to set boundaries and stick to them to avoid burnout or unprofessional tendencies.

Netflix Midday Frenzies

Many real estate agents are currently working from home, and while remote offices have their benefits, they also increase the risk of distractions. To avoid hours of wasted time, avoid turning on Netflix during your breaks because it’s easy to get carried away and forget when you’re back at work.

Falling prey to bargain hunters

Although your goal is to find the best deal for your customers, the right deal does not exist and wasting your time searching is unproductive and tedious. Instead, focus on working with clients who have a set budget and avoid house hunters with small budgets and big house dreams.

The bottom line

Getting into the real estate business is both exciting and challenging. Unlike typical 9-5 professions, real estate agents set their schedules and manage their time independently, resulting in poor time management and chaotic work weeks. Don’t fall prey to common real estate mistakes and avoid wasting time to set yourself up for success.

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