Many know what a loan is and how it works, but do not know how to choose well. Listed below are some important tips before hiring an ideal loan for you.

Make a financial plan

Make a financial plan

Organization is crucial before applying for a loan. Calculate exactly how much money you need right now, if you take more than you need, it means you will get more debt for lack of simple planning. You can simplify by starting by downloading a spreadsheet for managing your personal finances.

It is critical that you maintain manual control of inflows and outflows to account for expenses or earnings that do not go through your bank account. In addition to spreadsheets that can be made on the computer there are also mobile applications to help you in this function.

Research and compare alternatives before applying for a loan

It is important to research and compare the possibilities before applying for the loan. Negotiating with banks and financiers is important to getting the best loan condition, but there are often other, more convenient and easy ways to get credit. Friendlybank has over 30 partner institutions offering the best conditions for you and the best 100% online, quickly and safely with unique advantages for you. Visit the link below and find out now.

Loan with exclusive advantages for you

In addition to the interest rate, compare the Total Effective Cost

Interest is only one of the fees charged on credit operations. Therefore, before contracting a loan, you need to compare not only this rate, but the Total Effective Cost of the operation. CET includes all fees charged by the bank or lender to borrow money, such as taxes, insurance, and open registration fee.

Analyze if the institution is trustworthy

Do not accept to make a loan with an unknown institution. Therefore, go directly to the Central Bank of Brazil website and check if it is authorized. You need to check the CNPJ and if the company is up and running. This can be done on the IRS website.

Beware of advance charges

Beware of advance charges

Friendlybank does not request advance payments, this is illegal. If you are asked for any amount to release your loan, close the contact with the applicant and file an incident report describing the occurrence. If you need help, please contact us through our service channels.

Read the contract

The last tip may seem rather obvious, but many people sign a contract without reading all the clauses. Whether from haste or overconfidence, this is a mistake that can cause a lot of headache. Checking fees, fines, deadlines, among other information is essential. Remember that by signing the contract you are agreeing to all clauses and conditions presented.

Choose an appropriate line of credit

There are different lines of credit available in the market, which have contracting conditions, guarantees, terms and rates that vary greatly between each type of operation, it is important to always seek loans that have the best fit to your needs and that have lower interest rates. so it doesn’t affect your budget so much.

Provide updated data and correct documents

Provide updated data and correct documents

Despite being a simple task, many people unfortunately do not provide their up-to-date details when hiring a credit, let alone their correct personal documents. The consequence is denial of your loan application. Therefore, always provide the most up-to-date data and also deliver your required personal documents correctly.