A16z’ investment in Adam Neumann’s real estate company shows the industry is doomed

Andreessen Horowitz has just invested millions in Adam Neumann’s new company – and senior correspondent Linette Lopez says it’s a sign the industry is doomed.

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Photo Illustration of WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann in a photo of apartment buildings.

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1. Are we on the brink of a VC apocalypse? Senior correspondent Linette Lopez thinks we might be. In her latest article, Linette argues that Andreessen Horowitz’s $350 million investment in Adam Neumann’s new real estate company shows the industry is doomed.

  • This week, Marc Andreessen announced a massive investment in Flow, a new real estate company from Adam Neumann, the controversial founder of WeWork.
  • The idea is, essentially, a rebranding of a company that Neumann launched during the WeWork, WeLive days. Much like WeLive, Flow will own and manage apartments with Neumann’s special, cult touch, writes Linette.
  • Andreessen’s investment, she continues, demonstrates that he is not genuinely interested in solving the housing shortage in the United States – and the money that could be used to create something productive for society will be wasted.

Read his full analysis here.

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