Behind the scenes of Lancashire’s multi-million pound property market with luxury property specialists Lune Valley Estates

“Everything was so poor that I had enough, so it wasn’t a hard decision to start the company,” says Rob, 31. on board. This is how Moon Valley Estates began.

A high-end real estate agency, Lune Valley Estates only started operations in February, but has already secured a slew of high-end listings for stunning local properties on the market for seven-figure sums thanks to the most Rob’s 10 years of industry experience.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so it was just a matter of pulling the trigger,” Rob says. “We’re the new kid on the block, so people may be a little convinced we can do as good a job for less money, but our brand is strong and I love this work.

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Moon Valley Estates – Rob Menzies

“We are a real estate agency with a modern approach,” he adds. “You can contact me by phone as soon as I’m awake because with the properties we sell and the buyers we deal with, you have to be available to strike while the iron is hot or you lose them.

“I love taking people on this journey, from the first phone call to handing over the keys, you get such a buzz: if you don’t get that buzz, you’re in the wrong company. I also enjoy seeing our own people grow and succeed, which is great to see as we seek to grow.

With the start-up company based in Caton in the heart of the Moon Valley, Rob – himself born and bred in the region – previously spent six years as Sales Manager for the largest agency on the Fylde Coast and relishes the chance to work out offers for these high-end properties.

“It’s so interesting to work with such high-end homes and meet such interesting characters, but it doesn’t matter to me if a property is worth £100,000 or £5m, the process is always the same,” says Rob . “People just want good service and the best possible deal.

Rob Menzies with Max, the Human Resources Manager

” We are well ; our progression has been like a hockey stick – initial expenses followed by the start of the revenue curve,” he says. “We deal in million pound transactions so these types of properties are usually involved in chains which takes time but we have planned for that.

“We’re in it for the long haul and I think on our side of the market things are just getting started with interest rates going where they are,” says Rob. “And as long as people need to live under a roof, there will always be a market for a real estate agent.

“Our USP is great service and low fees. We’re not here to steal anyone’s real estate wealth, we’re just here to get paid for doing a great job. And we believe we can make a better job than the competition.

Lily Matheson
Moon Valley Estates – Rob Menzies

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