Busting Four Myths About Charlotte’s Current Real Estate Market

This content was created in partnership with the Redbud group.

Charlotte’s real estate market is changing and it can be difficult for buyers and sellers to keep up with the trends.

The solution: The Redbud Group pros, the top Keller Williams team in the area, bust some common myths.

Key figures: The latest monthly data indicated that Charlotte has a 1.6 month supply of homes and new listings are down 5.7% year over year. Homes spend an average of 22 days on the market and sell for an average price of $449,927.

Myth 1: Your house will sell in a weekend.

Truth: Homes take an average of 22 days to sell in Charlotte right now.

What does that mean: It’s no longer a red flag if a home has been on the market for more than three days.

  • Relatively speaking, 22 days is still fast. It’s just not the record speed we saw last year.

Look forward: The holidays often mark a slowdown in sales as buyers and sellers are concerned.

Myth 2: You don’t need to do any repairs before you list

Truth: You may need to make repairs, and you should do them before registering.

Here’s why: Buyers are becoming more demanding and the “take all you can get” mentality is fading.

  • Making cosmetic repairs can help your home stand out and will often provide a return on investment.

The strategy: It’s always best to complete repairs before you list, rather than after your home has been on the market for a few weeks.

Myth 3: Buyers will take whatever they can get

Truth: You may need to get creative to attract the right buyer.

Why it matters: With more and more homes on the market, it’s essential to differentiate your home in the minds of potential buyers.

How it’s made: Creative marketing tactics like offering buyer credits, a home warranty, or high-value appliances can help you close a deal faster.

  • An experienced agent will guide you through the process and offer ideas for marketing your home more effectively.

Myth 4: The market is easy to predict

Truth: It’s almost impossible to predict!

OK but: The market seems to be slowing down. However, no one can predict a slowdown with 100% accuracy.

What do you want to know: It’s crucial to buy and sell at a time that makes sense to you and your family instead of trying to fit it perfectly into the market.

  • Even better: An experienced agent can help you interpret trends and ensure you get a good deal on both sides of the transaction.

This content was created in partnership with the Redbud group.

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