Calgary real estate company offers aid to displaced Afghan refugees


Mainstreet Equity Corp. (TSX: MEQ) is Canada’s leading real estate company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, specializing in mid-range apartment buildings in Western Canada.

Today, Mainstreet responded to the arrival of Afghan refugees by announcing that they would provide housing assistance. Mainstreet works alongside community-based refugee resettlement agencies to ensure that as many people as possible are assisted.

The offer was made this week by Bob Dhillon, Founder, President and CEO of Mainstreet, following news in recent months of Afghan refugees seeking to escape the Taliban regime and resettle in Canada. “For those fleeing their homeland, there is no higher priority than finding a new, safe home. We know this because so many of our teammates and families have been through this experience,” said Dhillon. “People are coming, and that means they are waiting for accommodation. Having already spent so much time dealing with fear and uncertainty, we want to help them move as quickly as possible into the stable comfort of their new home. ”

Mr. Dhillon’s family immigrated to Canada from war-torn Liberia in the 1970s as a teenager. “As immigrants to Canada, who thrived in this country, the Mainstreet team felt compelled to do so, to help these people as they embark on a path to a better life. in our beloved country. We firmly believe that this type of aid ultimately helps both the Afghan people in need as well as the Canadian people by contributing to our cultural fabric. Immigration in all its forms is absolutely essential to building Canada’s economy and keeping us competitive globally, ”said Dhillon.

Inquiries regarding internships for this program should be directed to Mainstreet partner agencies:

In Calgary, CCatholic Immigration Society of Algeria (CCIS)
In Edmonton, Catholic Social Services (CSS)
In Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan Association of Integration and Settlement Agencies (SAISIA)
In Saskatoon, Saskatoon Open House
In Regina, Regina Open Door Society

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