Inside Pedro’s real estate company and work friends

Pedro Jimeno completely put his wife Chantel Jimeno out of sight on The Chantel family, as the native of the Dominican Republic spends all of his free time with his work associates at Laura Delgado Realty. Ever since Pedro landed a job as a real estate agent, he spends all his time with his Spanish-speaking colleagues. 90 day fiance Star Chantel lamented that Pedro almost always excludes her from these outings, which is one of the contributing factors to their separation and impending divorce. A large number of The Chantel family viewers believe there is some shady information to uncover about the people Pedro works with and spends his free time with.


Landing a better paying job seems to have changed everything for Pedro. Since the beginning of this new career, Pedro has distanced himself from Chantel and devoted his energy to his work and his new friends. Fans have accused owner Laura Delgado of being two-faced, as she comforted Chantel to her face but apparently laughed at her to other co-workers. She described the team as one big family, while her niece Antonella Barrenechea works for her. Many viewers find Pedro’s relationship with 20-year-old Antonella suspicious, although some viewers believe Chantel’s accusations of infidelity may actually be due to a rumored affair between Pedro and Laura. The Chantel family viewers noted how unprofessional Laura appears, especially in an alluring photo with Pedro, which cast doubt on the validity of her business.

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According to the Laura Delgado Realty website, the company sold 919 properties at an average listing price of $450,000. Laura says she was born in Peru, raised in New Jersey and has lived in metro Atlanta for nearly two decades. Antonella, who goes by the name Antonella Streuli on her business page, was also born in Peru. Although the website lists all agents, including Pedro, with professional biographies, there are also many spelling mistakes that The Chantel family fans noted on a reddit thread created by u/heeeer3sjohnny. “Why didn’t the boss have someone check his stuff?” “When someone posted Anto’s too, it was full of mistakes,wrote u/jaydizzle46. Several commenters noted that the word “Company“was misspelled as”business“nearly a dozen times.

A large number of The Chantel family fans also called out Pedro for saying he held “residence“to be very”sacred” in his own biography, where he describes himself as a “influencer turned agent.“In addition to Laura, Antonella and Pedro, Dayana Diaz is listed as “Laura’s assistant/secretary [sic]Yerly Ferreira is also listed as a new agent. While Laura, Antonella and Yerly all have Agent ID numbers for their real estate licenses, Pedro does not have one listed. It is unclear s ‘it is a mistake or if Pedro is not yet a licensed real estate agent. All five team members have their bios listed in both Spanish and English, as the agency aims to serve Spanish-speaking people. There are links available for customers interested in buying or selling a home with the company.

Overall, few The Chantel family fans are impressed with Laura Delgado Realty considering the drama she brought to the show. Many wondered why the company agreed to appear on the The Chantel family, as Pedro is shown going out late with his co-workers and arriving home drunk, with no car and no explanation of where he went. Some viewers criticized Laura for her lack of professionalism both on the show and in a photo that saw her pressing up against Pedro and grabbing his jacket as if they were a couple. Although the majority of The Chantel family Fans have sided with Chantel due to the cruelty with which Pedro treated her at the end of their marriage, some have sympathy for him given his family situation.

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