MA Homes LLC offers the convenience of a virtual real estate company

Stephanie Bayliss poses with Storm and Misty.

NORTHBOROUGH – Real estate broker Stephanie Bayliss has implemented an innovative concept with her real estate company, MA Homes LLC. Rather than housing a physical storefront for the business, she and her agents offer a full range of real estate services as virtual and mobile agents.

“Real estate is a field that requires us to meet people in properties located in many cities,” Bayliss said. “We go where our customers are. We offer them this convenience.

She and the agents of MA Homes LLC primarily focus on residential real estate services. The company serves areas of Western Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts and Greater Worcester, including borough cities.

Bayliss herself enjoys working with a variety of real estate clients, including first-time home buyers, investors and rehabs, seniors, military veterans, and pet lovers.

“I’ve done property rehabilitation and can offer a lot of information to property investors. And helping clients buy their first home is a pleasure every time. With seniors, it’s rewarding to help them reduce their workforce, to help them simplify,” Bayliss said.

Bayliss is well known for her longstanding involvement in pet rescue. She co-founded Alaskan Malamute Rescue and has worked with many other shelters and rescue groups for over 30 years. She sponsors marketing campaigns to help local shelters reach animal lovers who want to help an animal in need.

“I will help any animal – dogs, cats, birds, even horses and donkeys – just about any animal out there,” Bayliss said. “I started in lifesaving with the Alaskan Malamutes. They are such intelligent and independent animals. People see them as adorable puppies and fall in love with them. But quite often they don’t know how to take care of them as the dogs get older. They find they can’t handle an 80 or 100 pound dog and come to the rescue. We provide training for owners so that they can keep their dog. Dogs that are delivered for rescue are welcomed, assessed and placed in a new forever home.

As part of the rescue, Bayliss is also involved in fostering dogs.

“I’ve done a lot of foster care over the years,” she says. “People often say it must be hard to give up a dog once a forever home has been found. Giving up a dog is easier than you think. You know the animal is going to a loving home. , then you have a place that is open to help and take care of another animal.

Needless to say, Bayliss finds satisfaction in helping animals and humans find good homes.

Bayliss has held a license in real estate since 2009 and has owned MA Homes LLC since 2014. She serves as secretary of the Central Massachusetts Association of Realtors and next year will serve as vice- president.

Bayliss talked about current real estate market trends.

“Prices continue to rise in this area, but at a slower pace than what we saw last year. It is becoming a more stable market. But rising interest rates mean that many buyers now have declining purchasing power. It’s always frustrating for shoppers,” she said.

“MA Homes LLC consists of myself and three highly experienced agents: Elizabeth Callahan, Ellen Cheney Wilkesman and John Vaillancourt, all competent, ethical and caring agents and great people,” Bayliss said.

Ongoing training is a priority for Bayliss and MA Homes LLC agents.

Bayliss said, “We’re strong on education, staying current with what’s happening in the industry and in our market.”

As a virtual real estate company, MA Homes LLC offers flexibility to its customers.

“Our agents mainly work in the field; they are not tied to an office,” Bayliss said. “They carry their laptops and phones with them. Technology today facilitates a mobile real estate business model. We can all say, ‘My car is my office.’ »

Learn more about MA Homes LLC at or call 508-523-1314.

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