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Manhattan Miami Real Estate, the premier real estate agency

New York, New York State – Growing, preserving and protecting clients’ real estate wealth is Manhattan Miami Real Estate’s primary mission. The real estate agency is committed to helping individuals rent, rent, sell or buy properties in the Miami and New York metro markets.

Anthony Guerriero, MBA, CPA, is a Certified Real Estate Broker in New York and Florida and one of the founders of Manhattan Miami Real Estate. He is well versed in all real estate matters, has traveled extensively and has extensive experience helping buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, tenants navigate the real estate markets in the United States. With a background in finance, Mr. Guerriero also advises and guides his clients on investment properties, rent rates, mortgages, real estate actions, etc.

Mr. Guerriero manages a team of real estate agents, real estate brokers, salespeople, management and staff who are passionate about understanding and responding to their clients’ real estate concerns. The team offers the expertise and support necessary to ensure that clients making luxury purchases feel secure and confident in their decisions, while providing service to owners who manage properties and to tenants seeking of luxury properties.

Services offered at Manhattan Miami Real Estate

With the core values ​​of transparency, integrity, professionalism, dedication and discretion, the team has been instrumental in working with clients around the world. Manhattan Miami Real Estate offers a unique approach to immovable needs, evident by their specialized service aimed at foreign buyers. They are the # 1 real estate agent for foreign buyers in Manhattan and Miami, having helped countless non-US citizens by providing them with a holistic approach that includes education in markets, tax and finance.

Manhattan Miami Real Estate also has buying agents who represent the interests of buyers in their purchases of investment property, second homes, primary residences, vacation homes, student housing, and pied-à-terre. They offer personalized guides and a simple buying process that takes the frustration out of shopping. Clients looking to sell their homes also have dedicated selling agents who prepare and list properties for sale, market them, and host open houses for potential buyers.

Additionally, Manhattan Miami Real Estate caters to landlords by locating tenants, marketing rental listings, screening tenants, and offering rental services. Real estate brokers also serve tenants looking for luxury properties that suit their lifestyle, travel and other specialized needs.

Additionally, a foreign buyer looking to buy luxury homes will learn about the performance of the local market, US real estate practices, different neighborhoods, and the best buildings to buy in each neighborhood.

Contact Manhattan Miami Real Estate

Schedule an in-person meeting with the Manhattan Real Estate Miami Real Estate team by dialing 646-376-8752. They are located at 157 Columbus Avenue, 4th Fl, New York, NY, 10023, US. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit their website for more information.

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