Mel Buttle reveals how to tackle the wild real estate market



The real estate market is competitive, so here are Mel Buttle’s tips for securing your dream home – before someone else grabs it.

It’s crazy out there, things are at their worst, have you been to an open house recently? Please don’t, it’s chockers, queues at the gate.

You shouldn’t insist too much on it, but yes it is even in these houses, the ones that you scroll through quickly, then say to yourself ‘at least look at the photos, maybe that will be fine’. Yes! Even those.

I can’t really believe it. It’s as if two years away from international travel has made us as people want, borrow some clichés, take root and nestle.

Wonder if the blockages have shown us that we need a reliable place to bake the sourdough and zoom in from?

These open houses are chaotic, you have to work quickly, look around for the key features and then get out so the next batch of people can come in and decide after three minutes if they want to live there first and two mortgage themselves. up to the hilt to do so.

I recently placed offers on houses I spent less than ten minutes in. I spent more time browsing a menu in a restaurant to choose a dessert.

Of course, none of my offers were accepted. I think it’s because I always have that little voice at the back of my head that says things like, “I don’t think Zillmere is a million dollar suburb yet, Mel?”

And “Wouldn’t you want to be within a fifteen minute drive of a cafe for that price Mel?” It’s hard to silence.

I’m good at loving or hating a place quickly, there’s no middle ground these days whether you like it or not, lock it in Eddie or the car and move on to the next one.

If you haven’t been out lately, heed my warnings.

You really have to rush to get something in this climate, you have to have your financing pre-approved, be a cash buyer, or be willing to bid on a place after a few drives.

I mean this is only where you will live, love, eat, sleep, maybe raise kids, and generally exist, so surely that’s more than enough to make the biggest financial decision of your life? Please read this sentence with the sarcasm they are mingled with.

It wasn’t always like this, because just three years ago, when I bought my current house, I was the only one in the two open houses.

Now maybe I wasn’t a savvy buyer, but bid four thousand under asking price, then after a call from agent quickly hit asking price. As it seemed like a small price to pay for not having to go to open houses and fill out more forms.

Come to think of it, I was a total idiot when I bought my house, didn’t open a drawer or closet, and it came back to bite me.

The first night in my new house I put my towel on the rack and everything fell off the wall. Lesson learned.

This time I’m coming back in force, I’m out there clicking handles, opening and closing windows, banging on walls and in general still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. do.

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