Mike Green on Living Your Best Life

Mike Green on Living Your Best Life

On his first day back in the executive role, the Harcourts general manager took the time to chat with Grace Ormsby of Secrets of the Top 100 Agents about his decision to return to full-time work.

Mike reveals the reasons behind his initial decision to semi-retire, offers his thoughts on work/life balance and career breaks, and recognizes the importance of waking up each day with purpose and passion.

He also shares the industry-first approach he will take in his new term as CEO and explains why fragmented leadership makes the real estate industry vulnerable.

In this episode you will also hear:

  • Why public bickering between industry bodies doesn’t help anyone
  • What makes a good leader? regardless of the size of their audience
  • How data is key to the industry’s future

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Mike Green on Living Your Best Life

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Last update: September 02, 2022

Posted: September 02, 2022

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