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Real estate professionals understand the importance of support, but support comes in many forms. Often overlooked in the industry, mindfulness and self-care can seem like buzzwords with no real purpose in an agent’s professional life. But focusing on your own well-being can help you better serve your customers and your business.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that allows you to focus on the present moment, reducing stress and decreasing burnout. These methods come in many forms, all centered on one thing: dedicating time to your well-being. They can be a powerful tool for agents looking for a better work-life balance, which, in turn, can support professional development.

Mindfulness Matters

The “always on” lifestyle of a real estate agent can make it difficult to disconnect from work. Being stressed hurts your productivity, and in a high-pressure field like real estate, stress is a near guarantee for many.

Consider the oxygen mask analogy: you have to put the mask on yourself first before helping others. As an agent, it may be necessary to put personal matters and relationships on the back burner and prioritize business needs. But the benefits of mindfulness are clear, with studies showing that mindfulness meditation can improve cognitive function in as little as two weeks. Implementing these practices into your business strategy is probably one of the simplest forms of professional development available.

Practicing mindfulness allows you to replenish your own emotional reserves so you can handle transactions with empathy and understanding. If you focus on promoting mindfulness and self-care in your own life, you’ll be better equipped to help customers navigate the ups and downs of the market.

Reframing the customer experience

Mindfulness can help you reframe the customer experience, preparing customers for potential obstacles in advance. Consider the following situations:

  • A buyer worries about lack of inventory and increased competition. By guiding your client through the situations they are likely to encounter and discussing strategies before problems arise, your client will be better prepared for hiccups and better able to approach issues with insight and clarity.
  • Gently conveying information to sellers can feel like a personal critique rather than a professional view. Being candid in an intentionally positive way benefits customers, and understanding that emotional responses from them are not an attack on your abilities as an agent are two ways mindfulness supports the sales process.

If you’re looking for a new professional development resource, consider adding mindfulness or self-care practices to your list. Partnered with the right brokerage support and professional development opportunities, mindfulness practices can put you on the path to the business you want and deserve.

Nishika Green is the broker for the HomeSmart brokerages throughout Maine and the DMV area (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia). She was named to the National Association of REALTORS® 30 Under 30 List in 2002 and has hands-on experience in the industry, ranging from training agents to supporting top producers to doing business. to be a broker/owner of your own business.

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