Real Estate Company Gives Random Drivers $5,000 in Gas

CORALVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) – 100 lucky drivers got $50 free for gas in Johnson County on Friday. With high gas prices and a holiday weekend coming up, Urban Acres Real Estate thought now was the best time to help out some drivers. For some, the contribution was decisive, for others it meant much more.

Becky Garcia was working lunch next door to the Kum and Go in Coralville when she had to make a quick errand for the restaurant.

“It’s rush hour, but I had to come to the bank to get change and everything. And then I say to myself, I have little gas. So I was going to see if one of my cards was working,” she told TV-9.

She stopped at the pump and was given a $50 gift card by one of Urban Acres real estate agents.

Owner Robin Sueppel says it’s part of the company’s core values ​​to give back to the community.

“I figured if they were here they would have the money to buy gas, but maybe we could just go some extra distance and they could do something more this weekend. with that $50 that they couldn’t do before,” Sueppel said.

For Garcia, that means spending time with his family.

“It changes my whole weekend. 50 bucks? I mean it takes almost 70 just to fill the tank right now,” she said. “With this I can go to my granddaughter’s baseball game, I didn’t think I could go.”

Bronis Perteit was another lucky driver. As a member of the Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition, she knows how much this gesture means to people.

“It could be the difference between someone being able to buy medicine or something they need for their home and being able to invest that $50 in,” Perteit said.

This happened at 3 other gas stations in Iowa City and North Liberty as Urban Acres dispensed a total of $5,000. The real estate company has never dispensed cash at gas stations, but has supported other nonprofit organizations for the past 7 years.

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