Real estate company offers housing and supplies to refugees from Ukraine

Written by
Erin Nicole Davis

A major Canadian real estate company is mobilizing to help refugees from Ukraine.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. (Mainstreet) of Western Canada announced yesterday that it will provide housing assistance to refugees who have fled the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The offer was made this week by Bob Dhillon, founder, chairman and CEO of Mainstreet, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mainstreet, which specializes in quality, affordable middle-market apartment buildings, said it will work alongside community agencies that specialize in refugee resettlement work to ensure they help as many people as possible. possible.

The company also said it would send a shipment of unworn winter coats for adults and children, along with supplies provided as part of a company-wide donation campaign held over the weekend. end last.

“Just tell me what to do and I’m here for you,” Dhillon commented in a press release. “For anyone forced to flee their home, the only thing that matters is finding a safe new home. We know this better than anyone because many of our teammates and families have had this experience. »

The real estate leader is himself an immigrant to Canada.

“As an immigrant who has prospered in Canada, and Western Canada in particular, the Mainstreet team and I feel compelled to give back to our communities. Ukrainian-Canadians have contributed so much to Canada — again, in Western Canada in particular — and we have a duty to honor that contribution by helping Ukrainians in this time of distress,” Dhillon said.

“We strongly believe that this type of assistance ultimately helps both the Ukrainian people in need and the Canadian people by enriching our cultural fabric and contributing to our economy over time. Immigration in all its forms is absolutely essential to building Canada’s economy and keeping us globally competitive.

Details on the arrival of the refugees are still being worked out, but most are expected to arrive in Canada through the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization announced by the Canadian government on March 3, 2022. The company says it is currently coordinating with Refugee Aid and Ukrainian community organizations to provide this assistance.

Hopefully other real estate companies across the country will follow their example.

Written by
Erin Nicole Davis

Erin Nicole Davis is a Toronto born and raised writer with a passion for the city, its urban affairs and its culture.

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