Real Estate Market Trends & Guide Published By Colorado Real Estate Experts


The Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agents Association released a report on the current real estate markets in Denver and Colorado Springs. It also examines trends and the right time to buy.

Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agent Association (CEBAA) has released a new guide describing real estate market trends in specific real estate markets in the United States. Colorado experts also shared some data analysis on the current state of these major real estate investment markets.

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The recently released guide emphasizes the importance for first-time homebuyers looking to purchase investment property to have a better understanding of the current market situation. The CEBAA website is also designed so that buyers have access to a list of exclusive and accredited buying agents in the analyzed markets, such as Colorado Springs and Denver.

Reports have shown that the median price range for single-family homes in Denver and Colorado Springs has been constant over the past few weeks, with the median price in Denver at over $ 600,000 and the median price in Colorado Springs at around 100. 000 to $ 150,000 less. The number of homes that buyers and their agents contract has been constant from August 1 to the end of July.

Association officials participate in a weekly radio show that airs in the Denver area every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on KHOW. An in-depth consumer-focused analysis is performed weekly.

First-time homebuyers should always be aware and properly informed of market trends before they even proceed with the purchase of a property to invest in. The best thing to do when buying a home is to hire a top buying agent as your best guide to the buying process. . Buyers will have a representative when they bid. A good agent will also educate on all aspects of residential real estate.

The guide also highlights the best timeframe for buying or selling real estate. Statistically, May and June are the periods when most homes are under contract. However, December is a great month to buy, as sellers in Colorado are generally more willing to negotiate the price in this cold winter month. On the flip side, the guide also pointed out that every home buyer and seller should only buy and sell when it is the right time for them. It cannot be distinguished by the agents themselves but only by the buyer and the seller, especially when it is most advantageous for them.

Kathleen Chiras, Director of CEBAA said: “There is nothing wrong with interviewing more than one person. You don’t always have to go with the first person you talk to. Remember that agents generally have good people skills. So picking the first one you talk to is an easy trap to fall into.

Interested parties can visit to view the many resources available to buyers looking to buy in Colorado. There are also plenty of home buying or selling tips on their website and instant access to a list of buying agents on the request page.

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