San Francisco’s top real estate agent shares insights into the real estate market

The time to buy a home is as good as it was in 2006. Interest rates are at an exceptionally low level, which is ideal with the inflation currently gripping the country.

Danielle Lazier is a real estate agent and founder of Danielle Lazier Vivre Immobilier. She is one of the leading real estate agents in San Francisco, California. She notes that many who are interested in buying or selling a home should not consider delaying that need.

“The longer you wait, the more likely you are to pay a higher mortgage or have to make major concessions for your dream home. If you’re ready to buy, don’t wait to see if rates will drop. The best time to buy is always ‘now,’” Lazier said.

Lazier and his real estate agency in San Francisco, California know many neighborhoods and areas around the bay. This means she and her team can find the perfect home and amenities while making as few concessions as possible.

“The buying power you have is not going to improve from today. We have lots of great properties available but these are moving fast. A home you can see on the website today is likely to disappear in a short period of time,” Lazier continued.

Danielle Lazier Vivre Real Estate is a leading real estate agency in San Francisco. The company’s website contains many properties entering and exiting the market. Learn more at

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