Silkwood Funerals to move into former estate agency in Bedford despite complaints of ‘negative energy’

Silkwood Funerals will move to a building in Bedford that once housed a real estate agency despite objections from some surrounding landlords.

Bayswater town councilors agreed last month to change the use of the site at 110 Walter Road West in Bedford from office to funeral home and to approve landowners Todd Whatley and Julie Whatley’s plans to convert the building into space for funeral services.

The site once housed an agency of Real Estate Professionals.

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Plans include a chapel that can accommodate up to 40 people and two full-time employees for funeral services.

Two funeral services will be held per month.

A 2.1m high colored dividing fence will be constructed around the side and rear boundaries of the property, landscaping will be improved and 19 parking spaces will be retained.

Silkwood Mortuary will remain on Rudloc Road in Morley.

The city sent the plans out for public comment and received seven counter submissions.

Concerns included that the funeral home would bring “negative energies associated with sadness and grief” to surrounding residences, it would deter future buyers and reduce the value of surrounding properties.

Landowners said they received comments and reviews that confirmed how uplifting a funeral ceremony could be and how it could truly honor the deceased and their life’s journey.

They also said Silkwood Funerals’ plan to improve site security would “improve the location and increase its value”.

A city report said the building’s exterior modifications, parking lot upgrade, new higher boundary, and security fencing on the site would provide Silkwood’s funeral and adjacent residences with “improved amenities and security.” “.

He said basing the funeral home in an existing commercial building would not cause any undue impact on the streetscape or adjacent residential properties.

“The proposed funeral home will provide a funeral service facility in the locality of Bedford and expand the range of uses available in the locality,” the report states.

“The proposed development and associated upgrades to the buildings and site will contribute to a quality built environment.”

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