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The adoption of crypto continues to spread in the real estate industry in Europe, especially in Spain. Recently, a leading Canary Islands agency announced that it will start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The company praises the decentralized nature of Bitcoin

According to Digital Sevilla, Piso Barato Inmobiliaria, a real estate company based in Tenerife, has activated the feature that allows clients to acquire properties by paying with bitcoin (BTC).

Although they mentioned the word “cryptocurrency”, the company mainly talked about BTC throughout the announcement.

Piso Barato Inmobiliaria argues that a group of experts have said that bitcoin is emerging as the ‘primary currency’ of exchange globally and therefore the company has taken an interest in digital assets . Future property owners, through the real estate agency, can buy any property in Tenerife.

The Tenerife-based agency highlighted:

The evolution of expert agents in the real estate market has been so constant that it is currently possible to buy an apartment in Tenerife with Bitcoin. They ensure that it is a positive contribution to increase the number of potential buyers internationally and bring the sale and purchase of real estate to life.

Additionally, Piso Barato Inmobiliaria praised the fact that bitcoin payments avoid tampering with the property acquisition process. The agency also says that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies avoids any government intervention, making the process easier.

Spanish real estate agencies continue to join Bitcoin adoption movement

The agency’s adoption of crypto payment is part of a strategy to bolster a growing trend in the island housing market, according to the outlet.

As reported on February 26, another Spanish real estate platform, Idealista, has listed its very first property for cryptocurrency for sale. The offer is completely online, and anyone who wants to buy the apartment in Barcelona has to pay in bitcoin.

Although the first real estate transaction carried out in bitcoin in Spain took place in 2018, the firm said at the time that it had been carried out “in the traditional way”.

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