The Silver Group – Mumbai’s leading real estate company run by entrepreneur Mukesh Mehta


You can certainly thrive in the real estate business if you make the right decisions geared towards long term gains. The right investments in the real estate sector have been the source of a boom in many companies.

With strong dedication and an aptitude for never giving up, many exemplary entrepreneurs have made conscious strides in the field and built a platform that stands out from the crowd every time the leaders in the field are spoken of.

Under the supervision of such a discerning entrepreneur Mukesh Mehta, The silver group reorganized its outlook and became the leading property development company in Mumbai, producing extraordinary results which positively impacted the industry.

A futuristic approach to success

With the aim of strengthening and improving the experience gained by stakeholders, The Silver Group is determined to bring innovation, excellence and passion to its processes. In order to expand their services, they set their goals at a high level and garnered enough support for a seamless rate of progress for its future development projects.

Every business faces its own share of ups and downs. As we celebrate the highs, don’t be disappointed by the lows. A similar thought process was followed by the effective members of The Silver Group team. Video Player is loading.

Despite many obstacles in their path, they stood firm in their beliefs and kept their boat firm in the tornado-filled sea. Crediting their tireless efforts, the company urged people to look at them from the same angle they started their journey with.

A visionary approach that calls for excellence

Under the tutelage of Mukesh Mehta, the firm is preparing to shake up the real estate sector again. They ensure that the business rises in the luxury living industry with top quality features, keeping meticulous details a top priority.

Striving to stand out among the best real estate companies in India, The Silver Group, as always, is strong in its standards of optimal planning, prompt execution, excellent customer service, relationship building, taste for aesthetics and code of commitment.

Speaking of developments in the real estate industry, President and CEO of The Silver Group, Mukesh Mehta, said, “Metropolitan and Tier 1 cities have experienced a consolidated real estate industry surge in recent years. Despite the iceberg-hitting pandemic, we have made a strong comeback in the industry with improved and insightful administrative strategies and a streamlined tax structure. The newfound trust of the customer established the market and set the stage for gigantic development.

A Mumbai-based real estate company The Silver Group aims to bring next-generation equipment to attract potential buyers under Covid-19 security measures. They deploy amenities such as contactless elevators, motion sensing lighting, coworking spaces and more.

Mukesh built the business on the basis of three Ps: passion, perfection and perseverance, and he continues to stress the importance of these.

He believes that in order to enter this field of business, anyone must have a lot of determination and desire to work hard in order to achieve desired goals and to reach the heavens of success.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of its efficient team, The Silver Group today offers rentable residences, offices, shopping centers and hospitals. From a small residential building under development covering an area of ​​14,000 square feet to a salable area of ​​4.5 million square feet, the company has evolved its approaches and continued to serve its customers effectively for more than 40 years old and continuously undertakes more and more exciting projects. .

Planning to reshape the Mumbai skyline, Mukesh Mehta is a perfectionist who bolsters developments in the real estate industry with his methods of strategic planning and initiation that undoubtedly bring about change.

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