There is a new real estate agency on the block but it’s in the cloud


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Human history is full of individuals doing things a little different from the status quo. Trailblazers and trendsetters over the decades have never been afraid to break stereotypes and think outside the box to get things done. Adapting to ever-changing and hostile circumstances in order to not only survive but thrive is the calling card of human beings around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic was the latest in a long series of upheavals that have changed the world and made us rethink our roles within it. The changes have been massive and have had a ripple effect in all areas, especially the real estate market, as The Feely Group founder Kevin Feely knows all too well.

“The future has always been digital, but the real estate industry has long hesitated to recognize it,” says Feely. “Covid-19 changed all that. Everyone realized pretty much overnight that if they weren’t using the digital program and doing as much online trading as possible, they couldn’t survive in the new normal.

Part of Feely Group’s decision to go into the retail business was because of Covid-19 and because Feely had for some time harbored a vision of a cloud-only real estate agency.

Feely explained, “With the global lockdowns everything went virtual and the real estate industry was struggling to keep up. We saw a huge gap in the market and moved in. “

The move meant The Feely Group was offering its clients everything a traditional real estate agency did, but purely in a virtual sense. Feely revealed, “A few years ago such a scenario would have seemed insane, but we’ve all had to adapt lately. Here’s the thing though, having a cloud-only real estate agency works and performs well. Feedback from our customers is excellent and the sales figures speak for themselves.

By combining a service that offers virtual reality tours, allowing customers to browse homes from the comfort of their own homes, lowering costs by moving everything online, and growing a systems-driven business, The Feely Group s has proven to be a bit of a game changer in the last six months.

Kevin Feely says, “Innovation and creation is a dynamic that takes the tired and stale and gives it the spark it needs to evolve in a myriad of unexpected ways. This is, to me, the essence of what The Feely Group does in the real estate industry. We bring a different game to the table. We don’t have physical office space, but the digital space in which we operate is limitless. Our real estate agents organize physical visits, and that is their main objective. Whereas previously they also had to market, search for leads, and organize sales, now we have systems in place to do all of this in the cloud. This makes the whole concept of buying and selling properties extremely accessible and convenient for all involved. This is an exciting step in a whole new direction for the real estate market, and The Feely Group is delighted to lead the charge.

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