Unique Properties soars as real estate market leader

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. It can also be a long and frustrating process without the right realtor to guide you. Unique Properties stands out from other brokerage firms in Dubai and the UAE due to its long-standing reputation and award-winning trusted relationships with renowned developers.

Unique Properties has been able to combine its market experience and personal touch to become a global authority on the effective transaction of properties, offering insightful advisory support as well as sensitivity and intelligence. Since its inception in 2008, Unique Properties has consistently been rated as one of the best brokerages among leading developers in Dubai. 2021 was no different and saw Unique Properties contribute 4.5% of overall ‘off-plan sales’ in Dubai and 1% of Dubai’s overall real estate economy.

Today, Unique Properties employs a host of experts and people with experience in the Middle East property market. Each member hand-picked by directors, from multiple countries, has extensive market knowledge and experience in tailoring local and international client experiences to achieve the best results. Unique Properties employees come from 40 countries and speak 35 languages ​​collectively, guiding and helping the citizens of the world to make the best real estate investment decisions in the market.

Unique Properties offers a host of services, including off-plan investment consultation, where they have a dedicated team that guides clients from initiation to delivery. The company works with hand-picked and reputable developers who have reputable development experience and ties to government agencies – all to ensure reliable and secure investments for the client. The real estate advisory firm also offers investment portfolio management, enabling clients to maximize the performance and value of their real estate portfolio through asset allocation, risk management, transaction monitoring and management. meticulous execution of the asset strategy.

Unique Properties’ consultants combine their extensive experience with the company’s infrastructure and operational excellence to deliver residential and commercial leases, providing expert advice and management strategies in all disposal engagements and acquisition, from pre-leasing and leasing to acquisition, all for any type of asset. Finally, by listing rental properties, screening tenants, and managing security deposits, repairs, and dispute resolution notices, the property management team takes the hassle out of managing customer relationships, conversations, and paperwork away from the client.

Unique Properties’ diverse range of services is renowned for its unparalleled efficiency and expertise, coupled with a dedication to customer satisfaction, which has earned Unique Properties a reputation as one of the most trusted real estate companies. reliable United Arab Emirates.


About unique properties

Unique Properties is a real estate investment advisory firm with over 14 years of industry experience. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is one of the most reputable and award-winning real estate companies in the region. Founded by Arash Jalili, Unique Properties offers a range of services comprising a consortium of high-end, hand-picked, off-plan and ready-to-sale and rental properties. In 2021, Unique Properties contributed 4.5% of Dubai’s total ‘off-plan’ sales volume and approximately 1% to Dubai’s overall real estate economy, which recorded transactions worth $82 billion. (300 billion AED). Thanks to its multilingual and experienced consultants, Unique Properties offers its clients tailor-made, reliable and exceptional real estate investment solutions. Learn more about Unique Properties at https://www.uniqueproperties.ae/en/

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