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A concern many leaders have with the virtual work world is that some of their employees will go unnoticed, not put in the extra effort often required, and simply work to get the “job” done.

Does an online change mean there will be a lack or minimal interaction and involvement from employees who have no real connection to the vision, values ​​or culture of the company ?

The problem with this concern is that it is not just exclusive to a virtual environment; it happens just as frequently in a non-virtual.

What we should aim for is a world where your employees feel energized, there is a high level of collaboration and everyone is on the same page and connected to the company’s ambitions knowing that they contribute positively.

Collaboration is the new buzzword or “secret sauce” – a term one of my colleagues loves to use. In this current hybrid paradigm, we have the opportunity to be creative and innovative around collaboration.

The hybrid workplace is all about virtual collaboration, and one of the key learnings we learned as leaders during the pandemic was that we didn’t need to be in the same room with each other. to collaborate. It had a lot more to do with how our people presented themselves.

We were working in crisis mode and the virtual world was an opportunity to decompartmentalize between property management and sales.

We have also connected and brought closer our customers. I know many property agents and managers spent a lot of time calling clients just to ask if they were okay, shopping for them, and dropping off care packs.

Perhaps the most important thing was that the veil between family life and professional life had been lifted.

We saw each other at our worst and at our best; with our homeschooled children, pets, and grandparents; we dined on zoom, celebrated special occasions and shared the grief of loss that many have experienced.

We have gone from independent internal teams, often working in silos and meeting a few times a year, to online virtual teams meeting almost daily. We connected on a human level first and then on a business level.

As we return to offices and move into the world of hybrid work, collaboration for the success of this world is still essential. Perhaps now, when we walk into the office, it should coincide with a collaboration day that includes team activities and business planning – rather than daily meetings that can be held virtually.

During the pandemic, the way we do business fundamentally changed, and we all had to be nimble and nimble. We got bolder in our thinking – and for many companies the new ways of doing business stuck.

Can we practice collaboration? I believe we can.

What if we spent time improving our communication skills, working better as a team, assessing our emotional intelligence abilities and improving them? This would develop a better place for collaboration.

Sadhana Smiles is the Managing Director of Real Estate Industry Partners and the Director of Harcourts Move.

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Last update: July 26, 2022

Posted: July 27, 2022

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