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Updated Friday, November 5, 2021 – 12:00

Selling an apartment, sometimes, is not an easy task and that is why many owners choose to turn to real estate agencies, whether traditional or “online”, to facilitate the transaction. But, in which cases is it practical to opt for one or the other?

You need to find the property that best suits your needs.

The real estate market is changing. From 2016 to the present day, other actors have been born who offer new ways to sell an apartment. Online agencies are one example. But it’s worth asking yourself: which type of real estate is better, one online or one traditional? From the financial comparator HelpMyCash.com they assure that there is no better than another, but that each owner must find the property that best suits your needs.

When is it practical to use an “online” real estate agency?

The online real estate agencies propose a new method for selling an apartment, where the owners participate in some instances of the sale. But, in return, they can save a large portion of the real estate commission.

“At HelpMyCash we investigated the different offers on the market and we found that, in some cases, the most contracted rates of online real estate agencies are up to 50% cheaper than traditional agencies”, they specify since the comparator. Therefore, this type of real estate can be an attractive solution for those who wish to save money on commissions. “However, it is important to keep in mind that in these cases the owner must actively participate in the sale, mainly by carrying out the visits and managing certain documents, such as the energy certificate or the certificate of habitability (if this is necessary in the community where the house is located) ”, explain the same sources.

In turn, it should be considered that digital real estate companies offer an online service, that is, by phone, WhatsApp or email. Therefore, “they will be a good option for those who want to save money on fees, are willing to participate in the sale and feel comfortable with the online service,” they say of the comparator.

When to choose a traditional agency

Given this economic model, we can deduce that online real estate will not be the most suitable option for a seller who prefers that the agency takes care of all the formalities, including visits and document management, even if it means paying a higher commission. Even if an owner does not have a digital profile, it will be more convenient for them to work with a traditional agency.

“Neighborhood agencies have the advantage of having offices at street level where owners can turn to resolve their doubts. Therefore, if the salesperson is not used to digital communication, they will feel more comfortable working with an entire agency. life ”, they point out in HelpMyCash.

In short, the fact that there is a more varied real estate offer allows owners to hire only those who best meet their needs. “Until now, sellers have been happy with the terms set by traditional agencies, which typically charge higher commissions. But with the birth of these new players, they have more options to choose from, ”they conclude from the comparator.

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