Why inspection reports are “non-negotiable” for this brand

The founder of a Victorian property group stressed the importance of transparency for agents, especially in a changing market.

OBrien Real Estate founder Dean O’Brien has revealed that it is now “non-negotiable for our business that OBrien’s agents are always fully informed of the condition of the home they are selling before the start in the countryside”.

He thinks that while there are many reasons to prepare a building and pest inspection report for your buyers in advance, “the number one reason, for our agents, is transparency.”

As well as wanting buyers to feel confident when submitting offers for all properties listed by an OBrien agent, the founder said it prevents the traditional power imbalance that occurs when agents are not involved in Inspection Reports: “As an agent, you and your buyers cannot learn more about a property if you want to get the best outcome for all stakeholders in a sale.”

This prospect led OBrien Real Estate to partner with Before You Bid – with its new approach whereby the brand contributes a percentage of the cost of freelance reports so buyers can download the report at a discount and all parties can trust it. .

This would already be paying off: “What we’re seeing is more buyers showing up at auctions, fewer days on market, and no more renegotiations in a period of reflection,” said Mr. OBrien.

One of the benefits of this new partnership is that by having an initial report, OBrien Real Estate can sell properties without the report as a condition in a contract.

“Buyers can still get their own report if they want; however, we may keep the property on the market until they get their own report and make offers with no report condition. This helps us avoid the always disappointing conversations with the supplier,” said the founder.

The new partnership is a formalization of a years-long working relationship between the two brands, with Before You Bid Managing Director Rhys Rogers saying now is the right time to step up the alliance: “The market downturn has meant that many agents are looking to find ways to secure what might be the one and only buyer of their property.

“Having everything in place to secure buyers unconditionally is crucial,” he said, adding that many agents recognize that the best strategy at play in a market downturn is to help engage buyers early on. departure – “providing them with all the information they need to make an informed decision and encouraging them to move confidently on the properties of interest”.

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