Why Pedro’s entire real estate company is under fire

Pedro Jimeno was hoping to emerge from his divorce with a stable career, but fans of The Family Chantel are watching his entire business take a dive.

Pedro Jimeno’s real estate career has taken a dive since his divorce on The Chantel family with Chantel Everett, and all of her colleagues at Laura Delgado Realty are under intense scrutiny due to her messy split. Pedro and his colleagues have chosen to take their company public and distribute their work on The Chantel family season 4, where the end of his marriage to fan-favorite cast member Chantel was portrayed. Viewers saw Pedro mistreating Chantel and getting close to his younger colleague Antonella Barrenechea Streuli, sparking romance rumours. Now, The Chantel family fans see Pedro and his colleagues take a hit in their careers.


Pedro became a villain in the 90 day fiance frankness because of the cruelty with which he treated Chantel at the end of their marriage. Fans immediately turned on the Dominican Republic native after witnessing a personality change, leading many viewers to believe that Pedro was a con man who decided to use Chantel all along. Since then, Pedro’s professional profile has been flooded with terrible reviews. It receives scathing reviews on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. Pedro’s real estate rating has plummeted as many alleged clients accuse him of being unprofessional and a terrible real estate agent. However, Pedro’s entire company was called by The Chantel family fans after choosing to step into the reality television spotlight.

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Pedro Jimeno of the Chantel family made a major mistake in his career

Pedro Jimeno of La Famille Chantel with Antonella and Laura

Pedro was initially excited to have a career in real estate, but he made a disastrous mistake when he chose to involve his colleagues in The Chantel family. Many fans couldn’t stand Antonella, who seemed guilty when Chantel confronted her. After fans left scathing comments on Instagram, Laura Delgado Realty’s Instagram page limited their comments. Pedro appears to have deleted his professional Instagram account after receiving criticism from fans, while his Instagram comments on his personal page are disabled. Antonella, a rumored Pedro fling, also had to limit comments on his business page and disable comments on his personal page due to the amount of hate the team received. Due to these negative reactions and the alleged death threats that Pedro was receiving, The Chantel family Star Chantel even filed a petition to keep their divorce proceedings private to protect her ex-husband.

Laura, the boss of Pedro Jimeno de Chantel, gets hot

Pedro Jimeno and boss Laura Delgado of The Family Chantel

Many angry The Chantel family fans unleashed their anger on Pedro and his colleagues, which filled social media platforms with negative reviews that could impact their careers or lead to Pedro losing his job. Meanwhile, the choice to have Laura Delgado Realty appear on The Chantel family also led fans to learn about Laura’s criminal past. While fans first thought Pedro cheated with Antonella, they later found pictures of him getting cozy with Laura and now believe he was with Laura all along. Fans then discovered that Pedro’s boss, Laura, was in jail after filing over $3.6 million in fraudulent tax refunds and defrauding numerous people in the Hispanic community. This led to The Chantel family fans wonder if Pedro and Laura were trying to rip each other off. Other fans wondered if Laura was running a fraudulent business again to scam people with her real estate company.

Does Pedro Jimeno of The Family Chantel still have a future in real estate?

Pedro Jimeno of The Family Chantel at the gym

The Chantel family fans as a whole doubted Pedro’s future when it comes to keeping his job. However, his boss and gossip, Laura, did not fire him despite the bad press he brought to the company. However, Pedro’s real estate career is probably tarnished forever. Many alleged clients have complained about Pedro’s unprofessional behavior. Meanwhile, fans speculated that Laura was scamming Pedro because she had a criminal past and a history of scamming. It cast a bad light on all of his work at the company. Globally, The Chantel family fans don’t feel confident about Pedro and his future in real estate, especially at Laura Delgado Realty.

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