Women victims of domestic and domestic violence can apply for loans for essential household items and relocate | Western lawyer


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Central West Lifeline CEO Stephanie Robinson said the announcement of the federal government’s $ 14.9 million interest-free loan will help women victims of family and domestic violence in the region. The federal government on Tuesday announced the Good Shepherd Microfinance interest-free loan program to help up to 45,000 victims access financing for relocation, essential household items, rental obligations and debt consolidation. Ms Robinson said women can also turn to Commonwealth Bank and NAB, which run similar programs to help with domestic and family violence. “The federal government’s announcement is a good thing and any support in this area is welcome,” said Robinson. “Our statistics on domestic violence in the Center-West are very worrying, in particular Orange which has a high rate of domestic violence.” The Central West, the Wild West and Orana are among the top five regions with the highest rates of domestic violence incidents in the state. Also Read: Federal Inquiry into Freedom of Expression in Universities Useless: CSU Vice Chancellor Patients Thumbs Up for Quiet Environment at Lithgow Hospital IT’S NOT OVER YET: Strong message to MPs ahead of drought debate The NSW government and the federal government had announced a series of measures to help victims of domestic violence in recent months. The NSW government decided to grant 10 days of paid domestic violence leave to employees in the state’s public sector and also amended laws to allow victims of domestic violence to immediately break contracts of rental without any penalty. Ms Robinson said the NSW Government’s 2017-2021 early intervention and prevention strategy for domestic and family violence has started to bear fruit. “It takes time to change people’s behavior. For example, people have been slow to adjust to the ban on smoking in public places. It was unthinkable a few years ago, ”she said. “Communities should also address the issue of domestic violence rather than keeping it behind doors and making it personal. Federal Women’s Minister Kelly O’Dwyer said family and domestic violence can have a significant impact on women’s long-term economic security. “Many women never recover from the financial setback of establishing a new home, and for many more women, the enormous costs can discourage them from leaving an abusive relationship,” she said. “The interest-free loan program will provide a secure and affordable alternative to high-cost financing options, such as ‘payday loans‘ which can exacerbate women’s financial distress, and will provide the essential assistance that vulnerable women need. to take control of their lives and live in safety. ”Women beneficiaries of these loans will have access to a specialized loan assistant to help them regain control of their finances.


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